The art of the stopover or layover is something that I personally have not yet mastered but is something that I want to talk about regardless. A stopover is when you have a number of hours or possibly a night in between two connecting flights or other forms of transports. This stopover when you have enough time to leave the airport without missing your flight can be a great way to tick of a few more cities on your list or to test out the destination for future trips. When on a stopover there are a few key things to remember:

  • Time is key so you need to make sure that you are back at the airport with plenty of time to catch your flight. Checking your bags all the way through can help with this. It is also good to check online to see if your departure time has been delayed or not.
  • Plan ahead. Planning ahead makes sure that you can be efficient with your time and see all the sites that you want to in time.

So next time you book flights don’t always be so hasty in getting to your final destination, a few extra hours walking around Amsterdam or Tokyo might be exactly what you need!

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