When saving money for your trip you should consider a few things. First what needs to be paid for before you leave. These are usually the most expensive items and include airfares and other travel costs, tours that need to be booked in advance such as Contiki and accommodation. Planning ahead is an important part of your trip and can help you save before you go and keep on budget when you get there. Travel insurance is also a cost you need to consider paying for before you leave. Things such as new clothes and bags also can add up to the things you need to buy before you leave however these can be used not just on your travels so going for more quality pricier items may not be the worst idea.

Secondly budgeting for money you spend on your trip can be tricky as you may not know much about your destination. Doing your research on places you would like to eat and drink can not only save you time when you get there but can help you gain an idea of how much money you will need to budget for per day.

BY doing your research and allowing for some wiggle room in your budget you are able to make sure that money isn’t always on your mind when enjoying your trip!

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