Hostel vs Air BnB

On my recent trip to Prague I stayed in both a hostel and an Air Bnb and in this post I am going to discuss both options and why you might go for one over the other.

First off is the hostel. For those of you unaware of what a hostel is it is cheap accomodation that is usually in a dorm style setting with shared amenities. The main thing that turns people off hostels is the fact that you don’t have your own space in this dorm style living however this can be one of the things that people also choose hostels for. Hostels are great for meeting new people in shared common areas and are great for finding out information from the staff and other travellers. I would recommend staying at a hostel especially if you are travelling alone as it is very easy to meet new people and to do group activities even when you are not travelling in a group.

Air BnB is a new phenomenon taking over the world of travel and I have used it both in the US as well as overseas. Air BnB allows people to rent out their homes or rooms in their house for a limited time to travellers. This option is great for small groups and families as it allows you to live in a home style setting and to have your own privacy. Air BnB’s also allow you to save money by cooking your own meals. I would recommend staying in an Air BnB with a group as you are not so much looking to meet as many people as if you were travelling alone.


Both of these are great options and should be tried out to see what works for you on certain trips.

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