Helpful Sites

I wanted my final post to be something that would help people to start their own travel adventures and be able to give reviews of apps and told that I have used to help me when I am overseas.

The first website I highly recommend is Skyscanner. Skyscanner is a very easy to use website and mobile app thats helps you book flights and hotels. The site scans all over the web for the best deals on flights and hotels before directing you to the website where you can then make your purchase. One of the features that I love about Skyscanner is that you can easily make multi-city flights searches in one go unlike other sites where you have to make multiple single searches.

The next sites are similar however are used in different countries. Yelp is very popular in California however overseas it is not used as much. The site that I like to use which is very similar to Yelp is Trip Advisor which not only reviews places to eat and drink but hotels, tours, attractions you name it. TripAdvisor is always the first site I look at when I am travelling as it has great information and reviews.

I hope that these sites help to make planning your future trips both easy and fun!

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