I was contemplating whether or not to write about Australia in my blog however I thought that I couldn’t leave it out because as a native of Australia I believe that I have a unique outlook on the place.

Firstly, forget everything that you have heard about the deadly animals that are native to Australia, unless you go looking for them or are at a zoo you are extremely unlikely to see any of them. In fact the most deadly thing about Australia is the sun so make sure you pack a hat and lots of sunscreen especially when travelling in the summertime (which is the best time to go).

Australia’s east coast is a must see for all travellers with Sydney, Melbourne and the Great Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland definite destinations to visit. Sydney and Melbourne are two amazing cities with Sydney known for its amazing beaches and fantastic views around Sydney Harbour. Melbourne is known as being a huge sporting city and is rich with culture and amazing food. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world, think Finding Nemo but in real life.

Along with these destinations obviously there is so much more to see and Australia is somewhere that I think everyone should visit as it is very unique in the lifestyle, culture, wildlife and so much more!


Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is known for its beautiful architecture and history as well as its vibrant nightlife. I recently visited Prague for 5 days and loved the experience.

Prague is very renowned for its beer and the locals will tell you that the price of beer at any venue must be lower than the price of water or you are getting ripped off! My favourite place for beer was the Strahov Monastery in Prague Castle. This Catholic Monastery brews it’s very own beer named after a drunken Czech saint, St Norbert. This was an amazing experience to not only see inside the Monastery but to taste the beer made by the Monks.

Pictured above is St Charles Bridge and Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle.

Prague is a very busy city filled with tourists but is still charming for all the hustle and bustle inside the main tourist region. Other highlights of my stay was the Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle which took hundreds of years to build as well as St Charles Bridge and the John Lennon Wall.

Prague definitely has to be on every list when planning a trip through Europe!

Budapest, Hungary

The first travel destination that I will be talking about in my blog is Budapest,Hungary. Budapest is a beautiful city in central Europe that features amazing architecture, food, people and nightlife. Budapest is located on the Danube River and features some breathtaking architecture. Major tourist attractions are spread throughout the city. These include, Citadel at Buda Castle is located at the highest point in the city and offers some of the best views of the city, Fisherman Bastion is one of the most beautiful architectural attractions of the city and also offers great views. The Hungarian Parliament is a must see with its central location on the Danube and once again phenomenal architecture. While in Budapest make sure to try some goulash soup, Hungary’s most famous dish. The ruin bars of Budapest are also a great attraction for tourist who can lose themselves in different rooms with eclectic furniture in an environment very different to the bars of the United States. Overall Budapest is a must see on any European trip and isa place that for many reasons will not leave you disappointed!

Some views from Fishermans Bastion and The Old Town, Buda. (June 2017)